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Slovakia has developed a significant engineering industry in its recent history. The first developments come mainly from the former arms industry. From this history several companies were able to develop into technologically advanced producers after 1989.

With almost 200 vehicles per 100 resident, Slovakia is now by far the largest automobile producer per capita worldwide.

Due to the linguistic and spatial distance, the move to Slovakia as part of an alternative procurement system has not yet been evaluated for many companies. Due to the distance and the intercultural difference, it is sometimes difficult to evaluate and support corresponding partner companies at a reasonable cost.



Investment in Eastern Europe The latest report in the world is about the fight against corruption. These and the increasing shortage of skilled workers should increase the willingness to ...
Accessories for battery charging systems Accessories for battery charging systems The partners of the SC now offer a new concept for different applications in battery charging system. This was completely redeveloped by us, and will be ...
Cost fiber laser An article from the year 2010 describes the cost structure of the new laser system compared to the old one. Based on some examples in practice could ...
Braindrain in Eastern Europe Braindrain in Eastern Europe According to the latest news in the standard, the countries are in a quandary at Easter. The current high workloads in the factories, ...
Assemblies The partners in the Slovakia Cluster offer various options for assembly production. We can help you from construction to ...
Locksmith The members of the cluster are also active in the metalworking sector. Gladly next to us your request. Please find attached a few examples of the projects which ...
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